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At Phoenix Health Institute we strive to further the research in alternative medicine, whether it be in MPS/Dolphin Therapy for scar tissue release, Aromatherapy for PTSD and TBI, or SET Therapy for TBI and other neurological issues.  We have seen individual results based on feedback and before and after pictures for the scar tissue release.  We have also performed mini-studies by handing out before and after questionnaires for PTSD to the athletes taking our aromatherapy class at the AF Wounded Warrior Camps.  The preliminary results have shown their PTSD has been cut nearly in half!  We plan to do more research in the future to show what we know and have observed.


The one thing to keep in mind is just because we can’t measure it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Research has been performed at McMaster University after a small group of 11 young men had exercised and fatigued their muscles. To accomplish this, they took muscle biopsies before cycling, immediately after 10 minutes of massage and 2.5 hours after.  Only one leg got a massage while the other did not.  They found that massage reduces inflammation and stimulates the healing of muscle tissue much quicker.  See article here  Much more research is being done to understand how and why massage works so well.

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