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The Air Force Wounded Warrior Program helps the wounded, ill, and injured to get

the help they need and learn there are other ways to adapt.  They offer adaptive

sports like sitting volleyball, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, wheelchair

tennis shooting, archery, track, field, cycling, and swimming.  They help them

learn new sports and how there are other ways to play within their abilities.  They

help them come out of their shell when dealing with PTSD.  They have a great

sports medical team which consists of a sports physicians, PT's, chiropractor,

and three sports massage therapists.  


Wendy has had the privilege of working with them officially since June 2016 at

the Warrior Games at West Point Military Academy, in West Point, NY.  She has

been with them at every camp and the 2017 Games in Chicago, IL, 2018 Games

at the US Air Force Academy, and the 2019 Gamies in Tampa.  She has also

worked with the US Invictus Team.  She began by volunteering when they came

to Eglin AFB in April 2015 where one of her offices is located.  In the program she

has integrated a class on aromatherapy to teach them how to safely make

essential oil blends to use for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and TBI.  She also voluteers

her time at the Invisible Wounds Clinic at Eglin Air Force Base.  Everyone has

come back telling her how much it has helped them cope with their PTSD.  She is

in the beginning stages of doing a study on Aromatherapy for PTSD.  So far,

the results have been very promising!

The massage therapists have offered sports massage, cupping, MPS/Dolphon

therapy mostly for scar tissue release, medical/orthopedic massage and manual

therapy, AIS stretching, PNF stretching, kinesiotaping, and many other modalities

to our Wounded Warriors.  In some cases we were able to help the athletes when

no one else could, including orthopedic and pain management physicians.  

It has been an honor to work with these amazing athletes, and we hope to continue

for as long as they will have us!

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