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At Phoenix Health Institute one of our specialties is massage therapy. We feel massage should

be a necessity and not a luxury, which is one of the reasons why we will assist you to work it 

into your budget.

We specialize in sports massage, sports injuries, orthopedic massage and assessment and

manual therapy, Structural Energetic Therapy (Craniostructural), Frequency Specific Microcurrent, shiatsu massage, pregnancy

massage, active isolated stretching, PNF stretching, kinesiotaping, ETPS/MPS/Dolphin Therapy, Essential oils, and Far Infrared Heat/Biomat.

We have been practicing the art and science of massage since 1997. We have worked with

many athletes in many areas from the beginners to the pros – 2004 Summer Games in Athens,

asked to work at 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Ironman Florida since 1999, Ju Jitsu

competitions since 1997, Ironman World Championships, and Ironman Louisville to name a few.

We have also been a teacher and lecturer on the topic of massage at the University of West

Florida, local massage schools, and licensed massage therapists throughout the state of

Florida. We have also spoken to the general public on incorporating massage therapy as an

alternative form of treatment to existing conditions and as a preventative measure.

We offer 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes, as well as, massage packages.

30 minutes – $45 package of 4 – $158.50

60 minutes – $80 package of 4 – $280

90 minutes – $110 package of 4 – $385

120 minutes – $150 package of 4 – $525


SET Therapy - $120 package of 5 - $500 (each session is approximately 90+ min.)

Kinesiotaping assessment and treatment – $20

Far Infrared Heat/Biomat – $20 for 15 minutes or $10 as an add-on


2016 FSMTA Sports Massage Therapist of the Year
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